Úvodní stránka

Studie a rekonstrukce

The aim of the study is to open the complex for both new commercial opportunities, i.e. businesses looking for attractive area for rent, tourism and the broad public. Among other advantages of the Castle are also quiet surroundings of the newly reconstructed courtyard where a platform is expected to be installed for various cultural events.

Also the original arcade with sgrafitti and the sun clock. A big parking place will be built on the premises near the ČSOB building for both clients and members of public. The parking place will be accessible from the main road, so called “River circuit” (Říční okruh), and connected with the Castle courtyard by the original gap in the bulwark wall. The small parking place will be accessible from Vodní street. The entrance to the Castle will be newly surrounded by the copies of the original columns. In the A building, there will be a new lift and new public toilets in the second and third floor. The reconstruction will be finished by the reconstruction of the original bulwark wall and the orchard maintenance.

   Rekonstrukce nádvoří 2
   Rekonstrukce nádvoří 1