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Historie zámku

The beginnings of Krnov Castle go back to the Middle Ages. The first notice of then Gothic castle appears in 1371 when the city was owned by John I., the Duke of Opava and Ratiborice region, descending from the Premyslid dynasty. The Castle probably originates already in the 8th century. The owners had been often changing: the Castle was owned for example by Vladislav of Opole descending from the family of Piasts (1384-1390), Moravian Margrave Josta of the Luxembourg dynasty (1390-1421), after his death the Castle fell upon the Czech King Wenceslas IV. Among the owners was also Mathias Korvin and many others like for example Brandenburg Margrave George (1523-1543) and his son George Fridrich (1543-1603) and at last also the Lichtenstein family from 1622 (acquired by Duke Charles) to 1945.
Throughout the ages, the Castle went through many reconstructions, so today, we cannot trace any features of the original Gothic building from 1371. It is also difficult to say whether the original castle was or was not a part of the town fortification. The Gothic residential castle was probably situated on the place of today´s west wing and the hexagonal courtyard was lined by the bulwark reaching 2,3 m. Between 1531-1534, the Castle was rebuilt in Renaissance style and later, during a longer reconstruction in the 17th century, in Baroque style. In 1779, the second floor of the west wing was destroyed by the big fire, which was later followed by another reconstruction in Classicist style. Only the bulwark with the gate remained from the original building. In the courtyard, there is an entrance to the Duke´s hall decorated by the beautiful arcades, sgrafitti, reliefs as well as a sun clock. In 1945 the Castle was nationalized. Today, the Castle is owned and managed by ZLT, a joint stock company, and a few bars and restaurants have been opened there.