Úvodní stránka


Buildings of Krnov Castle are a part of the highly attractive and sought after area of the historical town centre. It is surrounded by the historical buildings currently serving as a shopping, administrative and business area.

The Castle represents the original historical buildings of pentagon shape dating back to 1531-1535 – western side borders on the Castle street (Zámecká ulice), southern side is lined by the Castle square (Zámecké náměstí) and the eastern side is connected with the River circuit (Říční okruh).

The complex includes a three-floor A building, a two-floor B building with arcades, sgrafitti and a sun clock, a two-floor C building, a one-floor D building and an E building with one-floor and two-floor part. All the floors are above the ground.

The buildings are now mainly used as offices and there are also some shops, a cafe, a casino, an Asian fast-food, Irish bar and Castle bar. The complex offers 2500 m2 of the area to be used, and in the second floor of the A building, there is a representative conference room (16 persons) suitable for short-term rentals.